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Pigeon LED Light-2 (Low Voltage)

This product takes the pigeon as the prototype design appearance, the color is diverse, the light source uses the special craft manufacture, the outdoor anti-aging performance is good, the protection grade can reach IP68. It has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, long life and bright color.


Product Name

Pigeon LED Light-2 (Low Voltage)

Average life of light source

50000 hours

LED color


Light source protection level


control mode

Single Color/Dynamic

Flame retardancy of enclosure

V-0 level



Anti UV level




Ambient temperature



220 mm long, 270 mm wide and 300 mm high

Storage temperature


Net weight

Fixed to a tree for use

Controller and power supply

No power supply and controller (optional)

Application scene

1, theme parks, tourist attractions and other lights show;

2, outdoor lighting decoration such as parks, residential areas, squares, etc.

3, bars, restaurants, families and other romantic places. 

4, Lantern Festival, Christmas, Spring Festival and other festivals decorative lighting.