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Linping Hotel

Falawo LED decorative lights are applied in New Linping Hotel.


      Linping Hotel is a long historical hotel at Linping Street, built in 1998, located at Yuhang district, Hangzhou City. The hotel is a collection of rooms, restaurant, business, meetings with an outlook of ancient architecture and interior decoration of European will let you have warm and comfortable feeling. For now the hotel names New  Linping Hotel right now.





   For the hotel, Light glowing is necessary to improve the feeling. The waterscape gallery is the only way to be passed, as a symbol for the New Linping Hotel. Therefore, it is very important whether the light glowing is better or bad.



  On the Lawn, we place Falawo LED light to be like “LOVE”, and put the colorful strip LED lights on the rockery, which likes to wear multicolored coat on the lawn and surrounding view.




     The Falawo led modelling light is placed at the bottom of water to light up the imitated water plants and cobblestones, it is very excellent with placing telesthesia shape of FALAWO lights. For pouring to more vigor and vitality to bring more geniality, warm, and friendly feeling, we used the red and blue LED lights with water mist to show water embellish smooth shadow effect.







      For avoiding dazzle light, We used the glowing of the decorative led lights . When people walk or sit, they can enjoy more romantic lights’ view  




       The protection Level of Falawo led decorative lights is IP68, and can be used under water, ice and other place for a long time to install easier. It is used widely to theme park, traveling view, landscape lighting showing, park, residential community, bars and restaurants and festival decorative lighting for lighting.