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Hangzhou Hehe Plaza



            The newest romantic landmark of Hangzhou by “flower-sea” lights’ surrounding


160 meters height of giant,

Facing the 6000㎡ Renmin Square,

With world-class construction,

Bombing the Hehe wealth center of Hangzhou city

With “rose feast ” feeling!

The city landmark even the newest fashion night-sight symbol in Hangzhou  










At the entrance of the Wealth Center, 

The FALAWO LED RGB lights with red, blue, pink 

To be like an aesthetic and beautiful blooming rose-sea

Every glowing rose light,  

Decorates the spotlight landmark.

The romantic “ I ❤ U ”,

Bring more  sweet and warm in the cold winter. 













                                      Here, you can shopping,                                     

Here, your can Enjoy and daze,

Here, you can take photos

Here, you can show your romance with your lover





The special and sole rose-sea lights

Not only brings more decorative for the shopping mall,

But also shorten the distance and give more warm and comfortable to our buyers